More than ever, there is HOPE to find treatment to end Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), a progressive genetic disorder that affects thousands of children and young adults all over the world.  Duchenne is 100% FATAL.  The cure is just around the corner, but financial support is needed to accelerate medical research.  This is the moment to TAKE ACTION.

Our mission:
To create awareness so that everyone understands Duchenne and the need to find its cure.
To raise funds to invest in medical research and treatments for Duchenne.

Our vision:
A near future where our all children and young adults diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy can receive treatment to continue walking, moving their arms to hug their loved ones, breathing, and living.

Please DONATE; every dollar counts. We are in a race against time to save our children.  We need everybody’s help to make this POSSIBLE.

Note from the founder:
The purpose of this page is to encourage people to help save my son and many others fighting Duchenne.  Everyone deserves the right to medical treatment.  The need to accelerate research is imperative because time is of the essence in this fight to end Duchenne.  The brain is not a muscle, so DMD patients consciously suffer the deterioration of their muscles.  As time advances, weakness continues until they can’t even maintain the function of the fingers; and the heart and muscles that are important for breathing also become weaker.
In my particular case, I am not a carrier, and my son is the first case of DMD in my family.  So please keep in mind that Duchenne can happen to ANYONE.

Thank you for visiting our website,
Lianette Gonzalez

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